Ghana Olympiad Academy

In partnership with the largest International Olympiad Centre, the Singapore International Mastery Contest Center (SIMCC), the Ghana Olympiad Academy provides opportunity for students in Ghana to partake in International Olympiad examinations. Students from Grade 2 to Grade 12 have the opportunity of taking the Olympiad exams in Math, ICT and Science online. Students can enhance their academic skills in STEM as they compete with thirty thousand and more students from over thirty countries.

This program will ignite the geniuses in the students, develop their analytical thinking, power of reasoning, logical thinking and problem-solving skills so as to become Global thinkers and doers. Attached is an invitation letter to your school to participate in the International Olympiads.

Timeline: Program runs throughout the year. Specific dates attached to letter sent.

By registering for the ATDP, schools (parents) can nurture their students' academic talents, monitor their global academic performance and give them the right international exposure needed for them to excel in the new world.

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