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Africa Schools Online, an arm of the AB Review Consult, is a leading education hub with a mission of preparing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed in the future, whatever path they choose.

AB Review COnsult's vision is to produce students from Africa prepared for the future. We are achieving this goal by giving students:
  1. Tools to make relevant educational decisions
  2. Opportunities to access global education and scholarship
  3. Experiences to enrich their education journeys.
The firm leverages data, technology, events in its quest of creating an informed and skill-ready generation.

Starting from Ghana, we have guided more than 10,000 students to discover their full potential.


Over the last 5 years, we have produced...

1. 50+ award winners of the Singapore-based International Olympiads in Math, Science and Technology;

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2. 10 tutors and university faculty mentors to train and mentor students on the program

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3. 5 National Team Winners of the The Sharks Quiz - Juniors and Seniors edition

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Advisory services

Our team of education consultants can help you understand the Ghanaian education landscape:

whether you want to launch a new education business, reach out to target schools, design an educational project or organize an educational event, we can support you to realize your intended goals.

Test Prep, Study Abroad and Scholarships

Test Prep

Exam Training – Our dedicated tutors are specialist in tutoring SAT – English and Math and the IELTS – Academic and General

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Study Abroad

Partner Universities – We partner directly and indirectly with over 100 colleges and universities across the globe.

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Career Advice and Scholarship Guidance

Students from Grade 9 and above can enroll in our Career Guidance and Counseling service to help them make the right college and course decisions.

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Academic Talent Development Programs (ATDP)

ATDP offers motivated students in Ghana opportunities to benefit from the programme's all round experiential learning, leveraging a global network of quality service providers in education and creating the next generation of impactful thinkers.

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  • 01 Ghana Olympiad Academy

    Africa Schools online - an arm of AB Review has signed an agreement with the Singapore International Mastery Contest Center (SIMCC) to have students in Ghana partake in their Olympiad examinations.

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  • The Sharks is an Innovative High School Quiz Program endorsed by the Ministry of Education for junior and senior high school students across the country providing a platform that supports all-round learning among students at these levels.

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  • The Economics and Business Challenge is an annual competition in economics organized for high school students

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  • The International Schools Challenge is a newly designed competition for international schools. Students from Grade 8 to Grade 10 will take part in this one-day team competition.

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  • The Orators is an inter-high schools program designed to foster the cognitive, critical thinking and expression of students.

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  • For the Math geniuses, Mathleticus is an individual Math competition designed for students who love to solve intricate Math problems.

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