About ATDP

The Academic Talent Development Programme (ATDP – Ghana) offers motivated students in Ghana opportunities to benefit from the programme's all round experiential learning, leveraging a global network of quality service providers in education and creating the next generation of impactful thinkers. The programme adds to the academic skills of students and also enhances existing talents by giving the students competitive global platforms to hone these skills to becoming the next generation of global thinkers and doers.

The programme is committed to providing talented students in Ghana from year 1 to year 12 with encouragement, support and opportunities to nurture their academic talents. Students are groomed to participate in international and local academic olympiads, academic advising, career guidance and mentorship sessions as well as gain access to higher education and scholarship opportunities.

By registering for the ATDP, schools (parents) can nurture their students' academic talents, monitor their global academic performance and give them the right international exposure needed for them to excel in the new world.

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