Introducing ATDP

The Academic Talent Development Program is championed by the AB Review Education Consult with a vision of nurturing Ghana's next generation of academic thinkers, innovators and doers.

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Introducing the Academic Talent Development Programs.

The Academic Talent Development Program is championed by the AB Review Education Consult with a vision of nurturing Ghana's next generation of academic thinkers, innovators and doers.

Led by the board chair, Emerita Prof Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf with support from other board members - Anis Haffer, Mark Pritchard, Larisa Akrodie, Dr, Vera Arhin, Rev Joanna Koranteng, Michael Oti- Adjei and Abel Ohene Acquaye, the program module touches on all facets of the academic spectrum and provides opportunities for students with different interests to explore their unique strengths.

The Academic Talent Development Programs

1. Ghana Olympiad Academy

In partnership with the largest International Olympiad Centre, the Singapore International Mastery Contest Center (SIMCC), the Ghana Olympiad Academy provides opportunity for students in Ghana to partake in International Olympiad examinations.

Timeline: Program runs throughout the year. Specific dates attached to letter

2. The Sharks Quiz

The Sharks Quiz is an exciting all-round academic challenge, open to all schools in Ghana, and test students in the four competencies: Literacy, Numeracy, STEM and Social Literacy.

Timeline: February 2022.

3. Economics and Business Challenge

The Economics and Business Challenge is an annual competition in economics organized for high school students.It is intended to stimulate the activities of students interested in economics, business and finance through creative problem solving. The students are tested on economics, business cases and financial literacy. Top students are chosen to represent Ghana in the International Economics Olympiad.

Timeline: April 2022

4. International Schools Challenge

The International Schools Challenge is a newly designed competition for international schools. Students from Grade 8 to Grade 10 will take part in this one-day team competition which focuses on these five areas: Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Logical thinking, Scientific reasoning, and Global awareness.

Timeline: June 2022

5. The Orators

The Orators is an inter-high schools program designed to foster the cognitive, critical thinking and expression of students. Towards the fulfilment of contributing to the holistic development of students within and beyond our learning community, the goal of this platform is to drive conversation on social engineering as well as issues of national relevance and global importance.

Timeline: September 2022


For the Math geniuses, Mathleticus is an individual Math competition designed for students who love to solve intricate Math problems. The program is open to students from Grades 9 through to 12 and involves a written exam at the preliminary stage and a quiz format the finals.

Timeline: November 2022

Sign up

Sign up your school to participate in the ATDP competitions. Assign a tutor as a coach/coordinator of program(s). All participants of the competition will receive certificates. Students who excel will receive medals, schools will receive trophies and cash prizes for team competitions. We are looking forward to working with your school as you prepare to participate in the ATDP programs. .


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