Africa Schools Online, an arm of the AB Review Educenter, is a leading education hub with a mission of preparing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed in the future, whatever path they choose.

AB Review Educenter's vision is to produce students from Africa prepared for the future. We are achieving this goal by giving students:
  1. Tools to make relevant educational decisions
  2. Opportunities to access global education and scholarship
  3. Experiences to enrich their education journeys.
The firm leverages data, technology, events in its quest of creating an informed and skill-ready generation.

Starting from Ghana, we have guided more than 10,000 students to discover their full potential. We guide them to make informed choices about their schools and career paths, leverage our global network to provide them scholarship opportunities and support them to take part in inter-collegiate competitions and workshops aimed at connecting classroom learning to real world experiences.

We have won over US$1 million in scholarships for our students through our study abroad and international Olympiad partnerships, and look forward to developing sustainable models for experiential learning in Africa.

Over the last 5 years, we have produced:

● 50+ award winners of the Singapore-based International Olympiads in Math, Science and Technology;
● 10 tutors and university faculty mentors to train and mentor students on the program
● 5 National Team Winners of the The Sharks Quiz - Juniors and Seniors edition
● Bronze Winner of the 2019 International Economics Olympiad - St. Petersburg, Russia;
● 3 National Finalists of the International Junior Science Olympiad
● 20+ students admitted yearly in top universities across the world

We strive to continue to create opportunities for students to excel in and outside of the classroom Welcome to Africa Schools Online – Education Data You Can Trust.