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Ghana has opened its gate to international students to study freely in its schools. Today, you also have the opportunity to be part of a number of countless foreign students studying in Ghana. Ghana, with its peaceful atmosphere makes it a unique country to study in. Ghana prides itself with the standard of education it offers. Since 1927 when the first tertiary institution was established in the country, standards have been the key to the continual growth of the education in Ghana. University certificates from Ghana are accepted worldwide and Ghanaian universities have contributed to the growth of the industries in most parts of Africa. With the National Accreditation Board, National Council On Tertiary Education and the Ministry Of Education all firmly in charge ,checking curricular infrastructure and facilities, the system has grown into foolproof ,allowing quality education and cutting edge standards to be the order of the day. As a student in Ghana, you will enjoy peaceful environment, friendly people, sites and locations and the night life it brings.
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2.000 - 5.000GHC Above

BSc Computer Science
BSc Business Administration
BA Graphics and Web Design
Health Sciences
Natural Sciences and Technology
Social Sciences
The School Of Public Health
Dietetics (Medical Nutrition Therapy)
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Speech & Language Therapy (Speech-Language Pathology)
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physician Assistantship
BSc.Business Administration
BSc. Marketing
BSc. Accounting
Diploma in Business Administration
MBA/MPHIL in Marketing
BSc. Banking and Finance
Diploma in Public Relations
Diploma in Information Technology Management
BSc. Information Technology Management
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Administration
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Science
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Radiography
Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in General Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
M.Sc. in Statistics (Sandwich)
BSc. Computer Science
BSc. Business Admin.(Accounting, Marketing, Banking & Finance, HRM and Entrepreneurship options)
B.Eng Electronic and Communication Engineering
B.E Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
B.A Biblical Studies with a Minor in Business Admin.
Diploma In Biblical Studies with a Minor in Business in Admin.
B.Eng. Oil and Gas Engineering
Bachelor of Business Admin(Entrepreneurship Option)
BA Business Administration
BSc Management Information Systems
HND Management and Administration
HND Water Management and Administration
BSc. Economics and Business Administration (Options in Economics, Accounting & Management)
BSc Public Health and Allied Sciences(options in Health Management,Health Informatics and Health Education)
BEd Administration and Guidance & Counseling
B.A Religious Studies
BSc. Actuarial Science with Finance
BSc Mathematics with Finance
BSc Mathematics with Economics
B.Ed Art (English, History, and Christian Religious Studies)
B.Ed Social Science (Accounting and Geography)
B.Ed Science (Mathematics and Computer Science)
One – year Post Graduate Diploma in Education
Two - Year Basic Diploma in Education
BSc Nursing
Bachelor in Architecture
BSc. Agribusiness
BA Christian Education
BA Church Administration
BA Family Counseling
B.A Theology & Mission
BSc Economics
BA French Translation
BA English
BA Environmental and Developmental Studies
BSc. Physician Assistant
B.A Communication Studies
B. Pharmacy
BSc Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Professional Programmes- ABE,CTH- UK,CIM-UK,ACCA-UK
BSc Business Administration(Acc , Banking and Finance)
BSc Computer and Information System
BSc Business Administration (Marketing & Human Resource Management)
B.A Postal Care & Counseling
B.A Missional Leadership
B.A Theology
BBA. Accounting
BBA. Marketing
BBA Human Resource Management
BBA. Banking and Finance
BSc. Computer Science with Management
Executive Certificate in Procurement and Contract Management
Executive Certificate in Strategic Supply Chain Management
Executive Certificate in Logistics and Transport Management
Executive Certificate in Public Procurement
Executive Certificate in Negotiations and Supplier Relationship Management
Executive Certificate in Oil and Gas Management
Executive Certificate in Inventory Management for Managers
Executive Certificate in Fraud Examination
Executive Certificate in Networking
Executive Certificate in Structured Cabling Techniques
Executive Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
B.Sc Telecommunication Engineering (Top Up)
BSc Computer Forensics
BSc Computer Engineering
BSc Mobil Internet Communication
BSc Telecommunication Engineering
BBA. Entrepreneurship
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Postgraduate Diploma In Business Mgt.
Advance Diploma In Business Mgt
B.A. Religious Studies (Islamic option)
BBA (Accounting)
BBA (Banking & Finance)
BSc Geometric Engineering
BSc Construction Technology
BBA Accounting
BSc Business Administration - Marketing
BSc Business Administration - HRM
BBA Insurance
BBA Entrepreneurship
BBA Finance
MBA Accounting
BSc. Information Technology (IT)
BA Psychology
BSc Mathematics and Statistics
BA Religious Studies & Ethics
Diploma in Music
BSc General Agriculture
Diploma General Agriculture
Diploma in Horticulture
B.A French
B.A Music
B.B.A Human Resource Management
BSc Economics and Maths
BSc Economics and Statistics
BBA Baking And Finance
B.A Religion, Ethics and Psychology
BBA Management Studies
Bachelor of Law(LL.B)
Master of Law
BSc Health Service Management and Public Health
BSc Insurance
BSc Corporate & Business Devpt. Studies
BSc Logistic & Supply Chain Management
BSc. Information Technology
Bachelor of Commerce
BA. Communication Studies
BBA. Insurance with Actuarial
BBA. Banking & Finance
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Human Resource Managemen
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Business Information System
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Financial Management
Diploma and Advance Diploma in Marketing
BA. Theology
BSc. Accounting & Information Systems
BSc. Banking and Finance with French
BSc Computing with Education
BSc Economics with Computing
BSc Management with Computing
Bachelor of Theology with Management
BSc Human Development and Psychology
Bachelor of Business Administration(E-Commerce)
BSc Information System Science
Bachelor of Engineering Applied Electronics & System Engineering(Computer Engineering)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Education
Post-Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Ministry
BA Religious Studies - - - Regular/Distance
BA Theological Studies - - - Regular
BBA Banking and Finance - - - Regular/Distance
BBA Human Resource Management - Regular/Distance
BBA Management - - - Regular/Distance
BBA Marketing - - - Regular/Distance
BEd Accounting with Mathematics or Management- Regular/Sandwich
BEd Basic Education - - - Regular
BEd English Language with Religion or Social Studies Regular/Sandwich
BEd Management with Accounting - - Regular/Sandwich
BEd Mathematics with Accounting - - Regular/Sandwich
BEd Religious Studies with English Language - Regular/Sandwich
BEd Social Studies with English Language - Regular/Sandwich
BEd Information Technology - - - Regular
BSc Computer Science - - - Regular
BSc Information Technology - - - Regular
BSc Development Studies - - - Regular
BSc Nursing - - - Regular/Summer
Diploma in Bio-Medical Equipment Technology - Regular
Certificate in Bio-Medical Equipment Technology - Sandwich
Bsc Sustainable Agricultur
BSc Sustainable Forestry
BSc Environmental Science & Management
BBA Banking and Finance
BSc Information Technology
BSc. Information and Communication Technology
BSc Computer Science & Mgt.
Bachelor of Business Studies
BSc Computer Science & Management
Diploma in Information Technology
BSc in Information Technology
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration
Postgraduate Diploma - Development Diplomacy
Postgraduate Certificate - Integrated peace Support Operation
Two-year diploma in Communication Studies
A four-year B.A. in Communication Studies
Two-Year B.A. in Communication Studies
HND Accounting
HND Marketing
HND Hotel Catering
HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering
HND Mechanical (Automobile Option)
HND (Plant Option)
HND (Production Option)
HND Building Construction
HND Civil Engineering
HND Secretaryship and Management Studies
HND Statistics
HND Tourism
HND Fashion Design and Technology
B.Tech. of Building Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Information and Communication Technology
HND Agriculture
HND Sec. and Mgt. Studies
HND Civil Eng.
HND Estate Management
HND Building Technology
HND Agric. Engineering
HND Hotel Catering and Inst. Mgt.
HND Mech. Eng. (Plant Opt)
HND Mech.Eng.(Automobile Opt)
HND Mech. Eng.(Production Pot)
HND Secretaryship
HND Purchasing and Supply
HND Furniture Design and Construction
HND Commercial Art (Textiles and Graphics)
HND Material Science and Technology
HND Fashion Design
HND Catering
HND Refrigeration and Air condition
HND Automotive Eng.
HND Mech. Eng. (Plant Opt.)
HND Mech. Eng. (Production Opt)
HND Electronic/Electrical Eng.
HND General Agriculture
HND Electrical Engineering
HND Building TechnologyHND Building Technology
B.Tech. Building Technology
HND Mechanical Eng.
Plant Option
Production Option
Automotive Option
HND Electrical/Electro Eng.
HND Accounting
HND Secretaryship
HND Dispensing Technology
HND Fashion and Textile Studies
HND Furniture Design and Wood
HND Marketing
HND Metallurgy and Foundry
HND Statistics
HND Estate Management
HND Purchasing and supply
HND Fashion Design and Textiles
HND Electrical/Electronic Eng
HND Agricultural Eng.
HNG Mech. Eng. (Production Opt.)
B.Tech. Automobile Eng.
B.Tech. Hospitality and Tourism Mgt.
HND Hospitality Management
HND Automotive Engineering
HND Bilingual Sec. and Mgt. Studies
HND Computer Sc. & IT Mgt.
HND Information Tech. Mgt.
HND Computer Science
Agribusiness [ B. Sc. ]
Aerospace Eng. [ B. Sc. ]
Agricultural Biotechnology [ B. Sc. ]
Agricultural Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Agriculture [ B. Sc. ]
Architecture [ B. Sc. ]
Biochemistry [ B. Sc. ]
Biological Sci. [ B. Sc. ]
Biomedical Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Business Administration [ BA. ]
Chemistry [ B. Sc. ]
Civil Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Communication Design [ BA. ]
Computer Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Computer Engineering (FDL) [ B. Sc. ]
Computer Science [ B. Sc. ]
Construction Technology [ B. Sc. ]
Culture and Tourism [ BA. ]
Development Planning [ B. Sc. ]
Electrical/Electronic Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
English Language [ BA. ]
Geological Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Geomatic Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
History [ BA. ]
Human Biology [ B. Sc. ]
Integrated Rural Art & Industry [ BA. ]
Landscape Design [ B. Sc. ]
LL.B [ LL.B ]
LL.B (1st Degree) [ LL.B ]
LL.B (Part-Time) [ LL.B
Mathematics [ B. Sc. ]
Mechanical Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Medical Laboratory Technology [ B. Sc. ]
Meteorology and Climate Science [ B. Sc. ]
Modern Languages [ BA. ]
Nursing [ B. Sc. ]
Petrochemical Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Petroleum Engineering [ B. Sc. ]
Pharmacy [ B. Pharm. ]
Physics [ B. Sc. ]
Political [ B. Sc. ]
Post Harvest Technology [ B. Sc. ]
Publishing Studies [ BA
Religious Studies [ BA. ]
Sociology and Social Work [ BA. ]
Sonography [ B. Sc. ]
Sports and Exercise Science [ B. Sc. ]
Nuclear Physics
PG Diploma -Publishing Studies (1 year) [ PG Diploma ]
Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture ( 2 years) [ Postgraduate Diploma ]
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration [ Postgraduate Diploma ]
B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)
B.Sc. (Tourism Management)
B.Sc (Geography and Regional Planning)
B.Sc (Psychology)
B.Sc (Actuarial Science)
B.Sc (Mathematics)
B.Sc (Mathematics-with-Economics)
B.Sc (Mathematics-with-Business)
B.Sc (Mathematics & Statistics)
B.Sc (Statistics)
B.Sc (Opthalmic Science)
B.Sc (Engineering Physics)
B.Sc (Physics)
Bsc. (Computer Science) (Laboratory Technology) (Medical Laboratory Technology)
B.Sc (Information Technology)
B.Sc (Chemistry)
B.Sc (Industrial Chemistry)
B.Sc (Water and Sanitation)
B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
B.Sc (Entomology and Wildlife)
B.Sc (Environmental Science)
B.Sc (Human Biology)
B.Sc.(Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences)
B.Sc (Animal Health)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)
B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension)
B.Sc. (Molecular Biology & Biotech.)
B.Sc. (Nursing)
B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension and Community Development)
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
Bachelor of Management Studies
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB, Ch B)
Diploma in Microfinance(Sandwich)
DLS (Diploma in Labour Studies)
Diploma (Sandwich) in French For Special Purposes
Post-secondary Diploma in Basic Education (DBE)
Untrained Teachers' Diploma in Basic Education (UTDBE)
Diploma in Basic Education (Sandwich)
Untrained Teachers' Certificate ‘A' Programme
Diploma in Commerce Programme (DCO)
Post-Diploma Degree in Commerce (PDCO)
Diploma in Management Programme (DMS)
Post-Diploma in Management Programme (PDMS)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Sandwich)
Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Policy Studies (Sandwich)
Postgraduate Diploma in Organisation Development (In Partnership with OCIC)
Diploma In Social Behaviour And Conflict Management
Certificate in Microfinance (Sandwich)
CLS (Certificate in Labour Studies)
Certificate in French
Postgraduate Certificate in Labour Policy Studies (Sandwich)