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History Of BIMAKS College of Business and Health Sciences The physical facility for the College was initially started as a Students Hostel for the Swedru School of Business (SWESBUS) in 2003. The ground floor with a total capacity for 200 students was completed in 2006. The facility was Christened “Bempomaa Memorial Hostel” in memory of the late mother of the Founder of the College. The patronage of the facility was very low. Consequently financial returns were also very low. The facility was restructured with the construction of two additional floors to start programs in Nursing and Midwifery. Other Investment partners insisted that the name be changed since it seemed to favor one person. Consequently, the name was changed to GLOBAL COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCE. It was also decided that other health science programs should be added including Physician (Medical) Assistants, Disaster Science, ICT, and Medical Laboratory Technology. Later the Investment Partners agreed for the addition of Business and Management programs to better serve the broader interest of the communities in the catchment areas. With the introduction of the Business Programs, the National Accreditation Board requested for a change of the College’s name to reflect the new programs. After much difficulty, BIMAKS College of Business and Health Sciences was selected from among the many suggested names submitted to the Board. The Board finally approved the name on 4th February 2013. BIMAKS is an acronym derived from the letters of the names of Investment Partners. From this an inspiring philosophy has been coined. B – Believe, I— In, M—Mastering, A— (your) Abilities, K— (through) Knowledge, S— (and) Service. MOTTO: Knowledge, Service, Security BIMAKS College of Business and Health Sciences was incorporated as a limited liability company on the 26th May 2011. The College is a tertiary Institution established at Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana as a center for training and developing professionals in business and health care. Operational Aims: The College aims at: *Providing an Internationally reputable academic curriculum based on strong theoretical foundations supported by applied research into the dynamics of business and healthcare management in Ghana. * Achieving the highest standards in student training by integrating professional and academic approaches to the study and practice of business, ICT and health sciences * Providing students with opportunity to leverage on the experience of faculty members with background that can facilitates students’ understanding and application of concepts in business, Science and Social healthcare. * Providing students with adequate individual internship and placement opportunities that facilitate their industrial maturity. *Keeping close links with other businesses and healthcare institutions through collaborative ventures that will provide further opportunities for students to acquire experiential professional skills.






Diploma in Registered general nursing
Diploma in Registered midwifery
Diploma inMedical Laboratory Technology
HND in Medical Laboratory Technology
HND Banking and Finance
HND Business Administration
Diploma in Accounting and Banking Technology
Professional IT training