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It is a non-profit organization, a Ghanaian private higher institution of learning established in 2010.It is located in Kasoa.The institution''s vision is to produce God-fearing and transformational leaders who will become trailblazers in technological advancement in Africa, providing workable solutions to problems everywhere they may find themselves. Their mission involves developing an exciting academic environment open to diverse intellectual interests of its members and dedicated to the development and sharing of new knowledge through research, scholarship and public service, striving always for the best. The university offers certificate,professional,undergraduate and graduate courses.
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Greater Accra


2.000 - 5.000GHC above

Certificate in Effective Management of People(Effective Management of People)
Diploma in Human Resource / Personnel Management( )
Diploma in Modern Management & Administration ( )
Diploma in Office Management & Administration(Office Management)
Diploma in Organisational Behaviour(Organisational Behaviour)
Diploma in Leadership & Team Management(Leadership & Team Management)
Diploma in Advanced Theory & Practice of Management & Administration( )
Diploma in Management & Administration(Management & Administration)
Diploma in Employee Development(Employee Development)
Diploma in Human Resource Administration(Human Resource Administration)
Diploma in Management of Human Resources(Management of Human Resources)
Diploma in Organisational Understanding & Development (Organisational Understanding & Development )
Diploma in Organisational Design & Behaviour ( )
Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Administration( )
Diploma in Health & Safety in the Workplace( )
Diploma in Stores Management & Stock Inventory Control ( )
Diploma in Purchasing & Resourcing Management ( )
Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Transport Management ( )
Diploma in Materials Management(Materials Management)
Bachelor of Arts in Materials & Logistics Administration(Materials & Logistics Administration)
Diploma in Supply Chain Strategy & Organization ( )
Certificate in Medical Laboratory (Medical Laboratory )
Diploma in Administrative Management (Administrative Management )
Diploma in Management & Leadership (Management & Leadership )
Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and Administration( Commerce and Administration)
Bachelor of Arts in Project Administration(Project Administration)
Diploma in Multimedia(Multimedia)
Diploma in Desktop Publishing-Adobe Softwares(Desktop Publishing)
Diploma in Commercial Art(Commercial Art)
Diploma in 3D Animation(3D Animation)
Diploma in Multimedia and Digital Video Editing(Multimedia and Digital Video Editing)
Diploma in Video Editing and Visual Graphics(Video Editing and Visual Graphics)
Diploma in Multimedia Pro (Multimedia Pro )
Dual Diploma in Multimedia and Web Technology (Multimedia)
Dual Diploma Pro in Multimedia and Web Technology (Multimedia)
Diploma in Fashion Designing (Fashion Designing )
Diploma in Textile Designing (Textile Designing )
Certificate in 2D & 3D Jewellery Designing (Jewellery Designing )
Diploma in 2D & 3D Jewellery Designing (Jewellery Designing )
Diploma in Interior / Architectural Designing (Architectural Designing )

Diploma in Mechanical Designing (Mechanical Designing )
Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing (Interior Designing )
ACCA F1 Accountant in Business AB ( )
ACCA F2 Management Accounting MA ( )
Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)
Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
Diploma in Hospitality Management(Hospitality Management)
ACCA F3 Financial Accounting FA ( )
ACCA F3 Financial Accounting - International( )
ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law CL (UK) ( )
ACCA F5 Performance Management PM ( )
ACCA F6 Taxation ( )
ACCA F7 Financial Reporting( )
ACCA F8 Audit and Assurance AA (UK) ( )
ACCA F9 Financial Management FM ( )
ACCA P4 Advanced Financial Management ( )
ACCA P6 Advanced Taxation ( )
ACCA P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance ( )
Fitness Business Management ( )
ICD-10 Medical Coding:( )

Introduction to Quality and Safety in Healthcare ( )
Learn Mastery for Healthcare ( )
Learning in a Clinical Setting( )
Medical Terminology ( )
Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness and Sports ( )
Personal Fitness Trainer ( )
Pharmacy Technician( )
Strategic Planning for Health Services ( )
Teaching in a Clinical Setting( )
Woman's Exercise Training and Wellness ( )
Child Care ( )
Diploma in Child Psychology(Child Psychology)
Diploma in Clinical Nutrition(Clinical Nutrition)
Management for IT Professionals( )
Events Management( )
Safety Management( )
Security Management( )
Business Management( )
Beauty Salon Management( )
Introduction to Construction Management( )
Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)
Non-Profit Management Training( )
Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)
Certificate in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (Purchasing)
Certificate in Records management(Records Management)
Certificate in Hotel Management(Hotel Management)
Certificate in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)
Project Management with Microsoft Project 2007 ( )
Certificate in Small Business Management(Small Business Management)
Diploma in Beauty Therapy(Beauty Therapy)
Certificate in Salon Management(Salon Management)
Certificate in Interior Design(Interior Design)
Diploma in Beauty Salon Management(Salon Management)
Certificate in Private Investigation( )
Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery(Carpentry and Joinery)
Certificate in Conservation(Conservation)
Certificate in Horticulture(Horticulture)
Certificate in Chemical Plant Operations (Chemical Plant Operations )
Certificate in Natural Gas Plant Operations (Natural Gas Plant Operations )
Certificate in Oil Refinery Operations (Oil Refinery Operations )

Certificate in Paper Mill Operations (Paper Mill Operations )
Certificate in Power Plant Operations (Power Plant Operations )
Certificate in Pulp Mill Operations (Pulp Mill Operations )
Certificate in Proficient Business Bookkeeping(Bookkeeping)
Diploma in Business Bookkeeping & Accounts ( )
Diploma in Accounting & Finance in Business & Management(Accounting and Finance)
Diploma in Cost Accounting(Cost Accounting)
Diploma in Financial Management (Financial Management )
Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance (Accounting and Finance)
Diploma in Business Finance & Investment (Business Finance & Investment )
Diploma in Financial Strategy & Decisions(Financial Strategy & Decisions)
Diploma in Money, Banking & Financial Systems(Money, Banking & Financial Systems)
Diploma in Financial Administration(Financial Administration)
Diploma in Business Economics & Commerce (Business Economics & Commerce )
Diploma in Business Organisation & Management(Business Organisation & Management)
Diploma in Global Marketing Management(Global Marketing Management)
Diploma in Business Management & Administration (Business Management & Administration )
Diploma in International Business & Trade (International Business & Trade )
Diploma in Computers & IT in Business & Management ( )
Bachelor of Business Administration-BA(BA)
Certificate in Secondary English(Secondary English)
Diploma in Professional English(Professional English)
Diploma in Business English & Letter Writing (Business English & Letter Writing )
Diploma in Communication in Business & Management(Communication in Business & Management)
Diploma in Administrative / Personal Assistant / Secretarial Duties( )
Diploma in Executive Assistance(Executive Assistance)
Bachelor of Arts in English & Administration (English & Administration )
Diploma in Event Management: Operations and Logistics( )
Diploma in Event Management: Strategy & Planning( )
Diploma in Hotel Operations & Management(Hotel Operations)
Diploma in Tourism & Travel Agency Management(Tourism)
Diploma in Hospitality Administration(Hospitality Administration)
Diploma in Sales Management & Marketing(Sales Management & Marketing)
Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations(Advertising & Public Relations)
Diploma in Sales & Marketing Administration(Sales & Marketing Administration)
Diploma in International Marketing(International Marketing)
Diploma in Marketing Strategy(Marketing Strategy)